Welcome to Circus Dad & Broccoli Mom.  It’s a blog of ramblings about our family and my mental unleashing.  We are forty-something expats, nearing the end of our first decade living outside the USA.  We’re just like every other family I know, where one of us is the heavy-the one that has to enforce the rules, manage homework, playdates, after school schedules, and make our daughters brush their hair.  That’s me-Broccoli Mom. The other one drops the kids occasionally at school (to cheers & excitement), lets them eat candy for breakfast and NEVER makes them brush their hair-even when they look more like Yetis than sweet young girls.  We’re also unlike every other family because we navigate the expat universe with what we hope is mostly good humor and we wouldn’t want it any other way.  I think I’m really funny.  What do you think?

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