All outward signs point to one hell of a Hangover.

Glassy, unfocused eyes.  Matted hair.  Slow, deliberate movements…so as not to jar anything inside the noggin and cause a reverberation that might inflict unnecessary pain.

Inability to garner the motivation and harness the energy required to tackle even the mundane household tasks (or to brush the hair that is rapidly approaching the dreadlock zone.

But the things is I didn’t have a thing to drink yesterday.  Or today for that matter…you might think that’s a given-since it’s just past 1pm on a Monday.  However, it is Oscar Monday and I have just come from the American Women’s Club Oscar’s Breakfast at the Rembrandt Hotel.  Where the Expat Wives gather to sip champagne, ogle celebrities and bet on who will win the prizes.  So, it is actually rather surprising that I haven’t had anything to drink today.

Nonetheless. I have not.  Though I think I might have had too many lattes…I am a bit jittery and even spazzier than usual.

Hungover, I am not.

But I still feel slightly wonky.  It’s the post-major-project Hangover.  It’s happened to all of us at the completion of an all-encompassing project.  Something that takes over your life and truly occupies every empty space in your brain and your life for months on end?

The ES Musical costumes were that project for me..and now that the show is over, I’m feeling slightly bereft.  Barren.  Hungover.  It’s not really over, I still have to complete my accounting and turn it in to the Producer and Director.  I have to box up the costumes that weren’t sold as well as the leftover fabric and trimming.  And if I were really truly dedicated I would sit down and type up a few pages on how to do it next year for the benefit of whomever takes this project on next time.  Because, as you know… we never know where we will be and if I go, it will be in a whirlwind.  I won’t have time or thought to spend making sure that the next person knows what to do.

I will do it.  And I must shake off this feeling and move on to the list of projects and to-do’s that are sitting in front of me on the desktop.  Starting with the completing our taxes…which I should have done this morning instead of going to an Oscars Breakfast.  But, as I said…I’m unfocused and dreary and I just couldn’t do it.

I’m counting on a jolt of energy from a good Boot Camp session, a strong coffee, and the knowledge that if I don’t get the taxes done tomorrow-I’ll have The Husband asking what, exactly, it is that I do all day. If the answer comes back, Oscar Breakfast and/or champagne cocktails…I think I might lose some privileges .

Common knowledge is that you treat a hangover with the Hair of the Dog.  In this case, I obviously need another massive project….but I can’t handle that at the moment.  I’m only just getting mental function back after a weekend at the beach and the devouring of three books in quick succession.  I think I’ll download a few movies I seem to have missed (basically everything nominated for an Oscar) and see if that doesn’t give me an extra boost, too.

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