Dress Rehearsal

Brushing sticky purple glitter-coated strands of hair away from my face, I exhale fully for the first time since 2:05pm.  Said exhale caused more glitter to scatter through the air-resulting in an almost celebratory atmosphere.  It’s too early to celebrate.  We’ve only just survived the dress rehearsal.  It is 5:49pm and I need either a big glass of wine or a serious dose of caffeine.  But I’m too tired for either.

Costume making in and of itself is really a manageable proposal.  Especially when you’ve got a reasonable budget and access to (nearly) everything you might need to get them done.  We also had a tailor to do the lion’s share of the actual sewing.  One might wonder what it is, exactly, that we have been doing?  Glue-gunning, and bedazzling, and accessorizing and making them fabulous.  That is what we do.  I give myself credit here, but you all know it’s really Genius Friend.  I make the spreadsheets that make us seem very organized, and I follow her around with a glue-gun on the ready.  Nonetheless.

We add 43 sparkling gems and a glistening glitter-encrusted feather to The Sultan’s hat.  We add gold trim and gems to Prince Ali’s shoes.  We turn and old monkey head costume and an old pair of grey pants into an elephant head.   We cut 17 zillion strips of gauzy, flowy fabric to make skirts and bracelets for magical D’jinn.  We design, draw, cut and glue intricate designs out of felt to make a magic carpet.  We turn old burn-out costumes into cool upcycled new ones.  We make tiny little fez hats out of cardboard, felt and trim.  We turned a pile of fabric into a stage full of fabulous.  I’m not one to toot my own horn (or wait, maybe I’m tooting already?), but Genius Friend and I make some pretty darned amazing costumes.

The Sultan and two of his royal guards.

The Sultan and two of his royal guards.



Iago, the Lamp Vendors, The Magic Carpet, Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie

Iago, the Lamp Vendors, The Tiger God, The Magic Carpet, Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie

The Junior Djinn (minus hair & make-up)

The Junior Djinn (minus hair & make-up)



The female guards (Charlie's Angel Pose)

The female guards (Charlie’s Angel Pose)

Prince Ali's Menagerie (monkeys, peacocks, elephants)

Prince Ali’s Menagerie (monkeys, peacocks, elephants)


The female villagers chorus


It’s not time to celebrate-we have to see how the live performances go with an audience, but the kids are ready, the sets are ready and we will be ready with costumes and make-up and hairstyle fabulousness.

Immediately afterward, we will put our feet up and drink an adult beverage (or 3).   Stay tuned for photos of the final product (that is if I can find time to take photos!)

2 thoughts on “Dress Rehearsal

  1. Well, I’m patting both our backs (gingerly, for the hot-glue blistered fingers, and the hunched spines…) because- from vision to execution- everything came together beautifully, the kids are happy, and the audience is going to get an eyeful of Arabian splendor!
    …but best of all, we had a great time doing it, as always!
    What’s next??


  2. You guys are awesome! It’s been so much fun to see all that goes on backstage – all your hard work is paying off! The costumes are fab and the kids are SO excited!!!


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